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Everybody loves their iPod. And now they will love it more. With iPodulator Pro 2, a Mac and PC software program, you can rock your 'Pod with more games, webpages straight off the 'net, and all your personal notes. iPodulator Pro 2 is also light on your wallet, coming in at the price of free. iPodulator Pro 2, can your iPod do this?

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The Web, on Your iPod

The web offers unlimited content. The problem: you don't have unlimited time. Your iPod is always with you, and now you can bring the web along with it. iPodulator Pro 2 puts any website or RSS feed you name on your iPod in a text-only version. And it gets better. iPodulator Pro 2 can copy most of the links on webpages to your iPod, so when your reading a page on your iPod you have all the links there, ready for clicking. (RSS feed support limited, if it doesn't work use the website instead)

Your iPod is a Jukebox...and Now Arcade

The games on the iPod are fun and timeless. Parachute never fails to entertain, Brick is a timeless classic, Solitaire is guaranteed to help you pass the time, and the newest addition, music quiz, is a great laugh. But the Apple iPod is powerful thing, and the world's most popular MP3 player can do more than just play music. iPodulator Pro 2 has a top-notch catalog of text-based games, including trivia, choose your own adventure, madlibs, jokes, and more, all ready to be instantly transferred to your iPod. Games are powered by the excellent iPodArcade. Did we mention that the games catalog is ever-changing?

iPodulator Pro 2: iPod Notes Done Right

iPods have built-in support for notes, but they are never used. Why? Because creating and editing them is a major nuisance. Not anymore. With iPodulator Pro 2 you have instant access to all of your notes. Your notes created with iPodulator Pro 2 have absolutely no size limit. Paste an article into a note and read it on your iPod later when your on-the-go. Or type your shopping list into a note and have it instantly synced to your iPod. Create, edit, delete. Made easy with iPodulator Pro 2.

Keeping Up to Speed

Any websites or notes on your iPod will be updated automatically as long as iPodulator Pro 2 is on and your iPod is connected. Now your always in the know.

Bend the Rules

iPods usually have a size limit on text, but not anymore with iPodulator Pro 2. It will bend the rules and give you your text, in full.

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