iPodulator Pro 2 is a product of ThePlaceforitAll.com

iPodulator Pro 2 is sponsored by advertisers. The iPodulator Pro 2 software program has two rotating ad-slots embedded in the application. The ad-slots rotate automatically every two minutes during the time the application is open. Your ad will also be featured in the upcoming "Advertiser Spotlight" on the iPodulator Pro 2 homepage. Think the iPodulator Pro 2 userbase of iPod enthusiasts matches your target audience? Well, what you are waiting for, advertise in iPodulator!

Details of Advertising in iPodulator Pro 2

If you are interested in placing an ad in iPodulator Pro 2 please send an email to ads@theplaceforitall.com. We will negotiate prices on an ad-by-ad basis.

Ad Specifications

iPodulator Pro 2 accepts animated GIFs, provided animations are not longer than 15 seconds (ie, not endless loops). The ads must be 216 pixels (width) by 125 pixels (height).